Metalwërks®, a leading U.S. manufacturer of precision high-performance metal plate exterior façade systems, has recently been named one of only a handful of American distributors and fabricators of Metawell®, an innovative developer and manufacturer of aluminum lightweight panels for exterior wall cladding. Based in the German state of Bavaria, Metawell® develops panels that utilize a composite assembly of solid aluminum skins bonded to an engineered corrugated aluminum spacer core. Elements are offered in flat or curved configurations that are light on weight and heavy on strength.

The partnership with Metawell® enables Metalwërks® to supply the marketplace with a unique building product that can replace and improve aluminum composite material (ACM) panels, making more readily available a solution that has none of the adverse impacts from plastics, toxicity, and combustibility.

“Metalwërks® is excited to add the Metawell® materials to our product offering. This material adds a high-quality, pre-finished option to our arsenal of panel substrates,” said Stephen Scharr, president and director of business development for Metalwërks®. “The flexibility, stiffness, and durability of the Metawell® panels complement our plate offerings perfectly. The people at Metawell® have proven to be serious and responsive, and they share our values in supplying the highest quality in construction products.” 

Metawell® products are prefinished, extremely lightweight, easy to install, and offer superior flatness and strength. The solutions are distinct from the current lineup of superior metal plate products from Metalwerks®, but taken together, the two product families deliver key benefits.

“Metawell® is already renowned for their aluminum lightweight products, which emphasize functionality with economy. The Metawell® planks come to our facility prefinished with an architectural-grade coating system so that production efficiency is optimized,” added Scharr. “Similarly, Metalwërks® products are lauded for their strength, formability, and ability to be used in almost any architectural creation. It’s a synergy that is poised to drive value for key stakeholders charged with identifying the right building product for their project – from the architect, to the designer, to the specifier, to the building owner.” 

Metalwërks® will focus its distribution efforts on the MidAtlantic and Northeastern regions of the United States. Starting immediately, Metalwërks® will begin taking orders on Metawell® products, with distribution anticipated in Q3 2023. 

Between April 17-21, 2023, Metawell® will present its products at the BAU 2023 trade show in Munich, Germany. Metalwërks® will be in attendance and will participate in a day of factory training at Metawell’s® Neuborg facility.

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