OMG Roofing Products, a division of OMG, Inc. and leader in commercial roofing accessories and productivity tools, announced the new OlyBond500 Small Canister Kit as an innovative extension to the OlyBond500 lineup of insulation adhesives.

OlyBond500 Small Canister Kits are compact pressurized canisters that offer up to 10 squares of coverage, making them the perfect complement to traditional insulation adhesive canisters. These kits allow for fast set up with no additional equipment needed, easy transport with both canisters in the same box and a convenient carrying handle for moving on the roof.

As with all OlyBond500 canisters, the OlyBond500 Small Canister Kits can be used for up to 30 days after opening, minimizing waste and helping the contractor maximize cost effectiveness.

Our users are facing unprecedented times and are looking for more efficient and less stressful solutions on the roof.


OlyBond500 Small Canister Kit (OB500-DUALTK)

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