The Metal Construction Association (MCA) has released the MCA 2021 Annual Report. The report is now available and can be downloaded on MCA’s website,

The report includes chapters detailing the demand for metal construction, which is outpacing forecasts, best practices and industry standards, and the work of the association’s alliances, committees, and councils.  All are working to strengthen the awareness, use, and safety standards of the metal construction industry.

“The report reveals big things ahead for the metal construction industry,” says Jeff Henry, MCA’s Executive Director. “Our forecasts show that, thanks to comparatively lower costs, speed of build, and benefits to the environment, metal will increasingly become a primary resource for residential and commercial buildings.”

Metal’s success is in part due to the efforts of MCA in promoting the metal construction industry. MCA’s vast range of programs, resources, and services are detailed in the report. One area that has helped MCA become the authority for the metal construction industry is MCA Metal University, their online educational resource that shares the latest research, white papers, technical specifications, and more. Many of these resources offer continuing education credit.

Mr. Henry is especially proud of one statistic in the report. The MCA’s Metal Roof Installation Manual had nearly a thousand downloads last year. “As the association grows, the industry grows. The report demonstration the association’s efforts are providing tangible returns to the industry and to members. Investing in the association – and the metal industry – is a smart bet.”