The International Code Council (ICC) hosted a virtual discussion on Existing Building Maintenance and Inspections on Tuesday, December 7, 2021. The goal of the virtual event was to bring the dialogue to a global audience and to help clarify the types of resources that the building community, building owners, and code administration professionals will need to ensure the continued safety of existing buildings moving forward. One of the key takeaways from the discussion, which was attended by over 600 people, was that while some jurisdictions already have protocols in place for existing building maintenance and inspections, most still do not.

"Overall, we are very pleased with the outcome and the discussions that arose from this event," states Sara Yerkes, Senior Vice President of Government Relations at the Code Council. "In the months to come, we'll be developing non-mandatory guidelines for building safety professionals and jurisdictions to assist them in managing maintenance and inspections for existing buildings."

The Code Council expects to share a working document with interested parties in early 2022.

“Having so many building officials from all over the country participate in the webinar reflects just how vital it is to maintain the safety of existing buildings and how seriously jurisdictions are taking this responsibility," says Judy Fryland, former Buildings Commissioner City of Chicago. "I hope that all the participants report back to their city officials and make sure that they have a system in place to enforce building safety. The guidelines that the ICC is developing will assist jurisdictions in this endeavor and I am grateful to be given the opportunity for input and participation." 

For a recording of the discussion, visit here.