Polyglass U.S.A., Inc., a leading manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing systems, recently completed a time trial comparing installation of their 2-ply torch system with FASTLap against the Velociflex high-wind-resistance system. In the end, the Velociflex installation was completed 30 percent faster than the 2-ply torch system, resulting in significant savings in labor costs.

The Polyglass team has released a video demonstrating the time trial, which can be viewed here.

Polyglass first introduced its Velociflex roofing system in 2019. This innovative configuration consists of two plies of modified bitumen membranes with a self-venting “loose laid” base sheet mechanically attached in the side laps, followed by an optional interply layer and a cap sheet, which may be either heat-welded or cold-applied. Specifically designed for roofs exposed to high-wind environments, the Velociflex system works well with both concrete and steel decks, and it has been independently tested to provide wind protection of up to 270 psf.

For the time trial study, the team at Polyglass set up separate steel decks of 1000 square feet each, with Polytherm insulation installed. The 2-ply torch system consisted of a mechanically attached Elastobase base sheet, followed by a torch-applied Polyflex smooth base ply and a heat-welded Polyflex-G granulated cap sheet with their patented FASTLap for granule-free roll-ins. For the Velociflex deck, the team began with an Elastoflex S6HP base ply, which was mechanically attached, then torch-sealing the 5-inch laps. They finished with a torch-applied Elastoflex S6 G HP granulated cap sheet. Between the two decks of equal square footage, the Velociflex project was completed 1 hour and 10 minutes faster than its 2-ply torch counterpart — a total labor savings of 30 percent.

Polyglass conducts these time trials to keep roofing contractors informed about the best roofing solutions for their needs and the most cost-efficient ways to install them. Their line of roofing products addresses a wide range of roofing conditions and challenges to ensure each roofing project is completed to the highest quality possible. To learn more about the benefits of the Velociflex system, click here. To learn more about Polyglass’s high-quality line of roofing products, visit polyglass.us.