Building Enclosure's Editor, Lindsay Lewis, sits down with Dave Caputo, Product Director of Foamular XPS Insulation for Owens Corning, to discuss the extreme reductions in Global Warming Potentials (GWPs) that took effect on January 1, 2021.

Canada and many states are changing the rules when it comes to GWPs. Listen in on this three-part series on sustainable solutions to hear Dave discuss what we’re likely to see stem from this in 2021. In part three, Dave discusses how Owens Corning is bringing a new XPS insulation option to the market that was six years in the making.

Owens Corning is helping architects, specifiers and other building professionals to better understand these regulations. Listen in as he describes their approach to navigating these extreme reductions in GWPs and exactly how the manufacturer is taking charge of these changes.


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