The American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) has officially launched a comprehensive search for its next president and CEO. 

“ACMA has taken the first steps toward an exciting new chapter in our distinguished history,” said Kevin Barnett, acting president & CEO of ACMA.  “We have formed a search committee and are ready to begin the process to find a dynamic and entrepreneurial leader for our association. We have navigated through the challenges of the pandemic and we are now ready to welcome our permanent leader.”

ACMA is the world’s largest composites industry trade group, representing manufacturers, material and equipment suppliers, distributors, end users and other stakeholders in all 50 states and multiple international locations.  The association provides a wide range of products and services for its close to 400 members, including education and information, market analysis and development, events and other learning opportunities, as well as advocacy on behalf of the industry.  ACMA is the unified voice of the composites industry in its continuing dialogue with legislators, regulators and other audiences important to the industry and the customers it serves.

ACMA’s new leader will succeed former president Tom Dobbins, who left the organization to serve as the CEO of the Aluminum Association last year.

“Our new president will have a big job,” according to Scott Balogh, chair of the ACMA search committee. “We have worked hard to become the respected voice of the composites industry, and we look forward to recruiting a new president who will ensure that we advance our mission and increase our impact.  We need a proven leader who wants to be part of an exceptional group of professionals.  We will be looking for someone who can bring us not just great association management skills, but also the vision and energy we need to maintain our momentum on behalf of the industry.”

ACMA’s partner in the search will be Vetted Solutions: a Washington, D.C. executive search firm specializing in the unique leadership requirements of associations and other purpose-driven organizations.  James Zaniello, founder and president of Vetted Solutions, will lead the firm’s team focused on this search.

The search is expected to extend through the first half of 2021, although both Balogh and Barnett note that their key objective is to identify and recruit the person precisely right for the CEO job, not to meet an arbitrary deadline. 

“The role we play on behalf of our members and the entire composites industry is far too important to rush this process,” Balogh said.  “In our world, we believe in doing things right.  The Vetted Solutions team shares that philosophy with us.”

Individuals who wish to learn more about the search should contact Vetted Solutions at +1 202 544 4749 or submit a cover letter and resume to