Sto Corp., the innovative world leader in full system facades is excited to relaunch two solutions to protect stucco exteriors – Sto Crack Defense and Sto DrainScreen. Sto Crack Defense is a fortification layer that drastically minimizes surface cracking in stucco wall systems while Sto DrainScreen works under veneers to evacuate moisture away from wall sheathing materials.

“Sto understands how to enhance Stucco facades performance and extend the life of stucco facades better than anyone,” explained Sto Corp senior product manager Karine Galla, “Sto Crack Defense and Sto DrainScreen are two great examples.”

Newly relaunched Sto Crack Defense consists of a layer of Sto woven glass fiber reinforcing mesh embedded in Sto polymer basecoat and adds strength and flexibility to outer wall systems. “Cracking is the primary complaint people have with stucco,” said Galla, “Sto Crack Defense is a simple solution to this common issue. It really is a life saver.”

Because Sto Crack Defense can be added to any of Sto’s fully engineered stucco systems, there is no need to compromise a creative vision for reasons of durability. “Designers like it because it doesn’t cramp their style, contractors like it because it’s easy to work with,” explains Galla, “And owners like it because adding Sto Crack Defense to a wall system actually extends the warranty.”

Sto Crack Defense is not limited to application in new construction. In fact, in instances where Sto Crack Defense wasn’t applied and cracks do form years after application, the system can be used to refinish and repair cracks in existing walls.

Sto DrainScreen, meanwhile, protects stucco by evacuating trapped moisture under stucco, stone, siding, brick, and thin brick veneers with above grade vertical wall assemblies. “Some sheathing materials are particularly vulnerable to moisture,” said Galla, “No matter how tight the wall assembly is, moisture may find a way in, so it’s crucial to design a system that provides a path for moisture to escape. And that’s exactly what Sto DrainScreen does. The highly-permeable polyester nylon drainage mat allows trapped moisture to dry out faster.” Used in combination with StoGuard air & moisture barriers, Sto DrainScreen provides the highest available levels of protection against moisture intrusion.

Including Sto Crack Defense and Sto DrainScreen in their plans is something more designers would be wise to consider, suggests Galla. “Some designers and contractors perceive these products to come at a premium,” she explained, “But the opposite is actually true. In both cases, a small up-front cost saves money over the long run.”