With cyber attacks becoming more frequent and more than 240,000 new malware variants created on a daily basis, now is the time to beef up your cybersecurity both at home and for your company.

BE Publisher Jill Bloom and RC Editorial Director Rick Damato speak with Bill Collins, director of national accounts at ServCo, who became an expert in cybersecurity to better protect his roofing and construction industry clients. What he discovered in his research was both scary and shocking.

“The most important concept that I got is that nothing is unhackable,” said Collins. “Then I learned that criminal nation-state actors are usually after the money these days, which means ransom dollars, and they can and do buy pre-configured malware on the dark web that can break into your webpage or network in seconds.”

Should hackers manage to steal sensitive information, it opens up victims not only to data theft, but potential legal troubles. Collins shares practical advice and tips industry professionals can use to better protect themselves against phishing and other cyber attacks.

View the video above or listen to the podcast version here.