The recovery process for Maui after last month’s devastating wildfires is still underway as the grim task of identifying victims remains the priority. Once attention shifts to rebuilding historic Lahaina and other impacted communities, the damage already is expected to surpass $5 billion. 

Architects and others looking to get to the island to help should be aware of the conditions on the ground before going there. Steve Slepcevic, CEO of Strategic Response Partners, shares his insights for any architect that is looking to help, how to prepare, and specific PPE everyone will need.

The American Institute of Architects’ 97,000 members and extensive resources are being activated to support Hawaii’s health, safety, and welfare in the weeks, months, and years ahead. AIA’s past experience with disasters of this magnitude tells us that the recovery process is a long, arduous road that architects can, and must help navigate, to make communities whole once again. We cannot bring back what has been lost, but together we can help find a new way forward. 

AIA Hawaii recommends giving to the Maui Strong Fund. 100 percent of the funds will be distributed for community needs for immediate response and recovery.