ATAS International Inc. is pleased to announce the 2019 project of the year award winners. This annual competition recognizes projects in which ATAS products have been incorporated into the design of the building. 

Six project categories were included in the competition: commercial roofs, commercial walls, residential roofs, residential walls, accents, and interiors. An independent panel of judges, comprised of ATAS advisory board members, reviewed photos of all the projects submitted throughout the year and chose first, second, and third place winners in each category.

Receiving the first-place honors for commercial roofs was the Saratoga Racecourse project in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Copper Field-Lok panels were used on this building, which were installed by Mid-State Industries, and purchased through Erie Materials. Architects for the project included SOSH and Frost Hurff, and MLB Construction Services was the contractor. 

For the commercial walls category, Otto Brewerytown in Philadelphia, Pa., a mixed-use retail and condominiums project, took first-place. This building was designed by Interface Studio Architects (ISA), using Custom Grand C panels in Patina Green, Silversmith, and Brilliant Green, and Versa-Seam panels in Silversmith. The panels were installed by All Seasons Home Improvement Company and purchased through ABC Supply. The owner of the building is Equinox Management and Construction.

Taking the first-place award in the residential roofs category was a private residence located in Freeport, N.Y. TOC Architects designed the roof of this home using Boysenberry Techo Tile and PC System. The panels were purchased through Riverhead Building Supply and were installed by JA Construction. 

The residential walls category first-place winner was a private residence located in Penn Township, Pa. Jeff Anderson acted as the architect and contractor for this project, which used CastleTop in Forest Green, Hemlock Green, and Patina Green, and Grand C in Dove Grey. The panels were purchased from Lezzer Lumber.

For the accents category, the Geico Headquarters project in Tucson, Ariz., took first-place. ONYX Creative, the architectural firm on this project, used custom perforated panels in clear satin anodized for the stairwells, along with Belvedere 6-inch Short Rib panels in clear satin anodized and a custom blue color. Also, perforated Belvedere 6-inch Short Rib panels in clear satin anodized were incorporated into the design. The panels were purchased through Beacon Building Products. The stairwell panels were installed by JB Steel, and the wall panels were installed by Roofing Southwest.

“Once again, we received many entries into ATAS’ annual project of the year competition," said Jim Bush, vice president of sales and marketing for ATAS. "We are pleased to honor the architects, contractors and distributors who were involved in the award-winning projects. A 60-page booklet has been created to showcase the projects that won an award or were nominated. This 'idea book' should be useful to architects, contractors, and building owners to help them envision possible metal panel applications and design aesthetics for their future projects.”