Building Safety Month comes to a close with week 5, which focuses on how advances in technology are paving the way for safer, more resilient homes. This week’s theme, “Innovations in Safety,” explores technologies that are being implemented to create more efficient buildings, while also looking ahead to how new innovations can help ensure a safer future.

One of the new technologies that is poised to transform the industry is three-dimensional (3D) automated construction technology. The advantages of using 3D technology in construction include reduced costs, faster production and less waste. Currently, ICC Evaluation Services (a member of the Code Council’s family of companies) is working with a leading 3D construction company to develop building code compliance for one-story, single-unit, residential dwelling walls constructed using 3D technology.

Another example are drones, which are increasingly being used on construction sites to maintain security and observe building damage after a natural disaster. One day in the near future, technicians may be able to use drones to oversee tasks such as painting and masonry, which will increase worker productivity.

Innovative plumbing technologies are available to help homeowners and communities better conserve water, which are particularly important in light of recent droughts in the U.S. and around the world. For example, the 2018 International Plumbing Code incorporates new technologies including non-water urinals and detailed engineered designs that permit the installation of smaller, more precise water usage and water drainage systems, resulting in the savings of millions of gallons of water.

“Emerging technologies will help the building industry become more productive, efficient and eco-friendly,” said Code Council Chief Executive Officer Dominic Sims, CBO. “We are committed to developing codes and standards that reflect innovations in building technologies and enable them to become more widely adopted.”

The Gypsum Association, one of the sponsors of week 5, supports the Code Council’s commitment to innovation and new technologies. “Building Safety Month is an opportunity to celebrate the Code Council’s work and draw attention to strategies that make our buildings safer, including the important role gypsum panel products play in passive fire resistance,” said Gypsum Association Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director Stephen H. Meima. “We are continuously working to innovate and improve our products, and commend the Code Council for shining a light on new building technologies.”

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