AUSTIN, Texas – Hangar Technology Inc. announced last week that 15 of the ENR Top 100 construction enterprises have added JobSight to their operations over the last year.

JobSight’s momentum builds on top of 2017 success, when Hangar added 16 of the ENR 400 as new customers. Of the 2017 customers, more than half have tripled projects using JobSight, and the expansion of the 2018 customers is even greater.

ENR (Enginering News-Record) is a sister publication of Roofing Contractor. Its lists rank firms based on type of industry and revenue.

Hangar’s growing active client roster includes major ENR players such as Turner Construction, AECOM, Balfour Beatty, and more.

Hangar officials attribute its success to JobSight’s simple, scalable ‘request and receive’ precision-captured 4D Visual InSight.

According to the company, growth in Hangar’s construction consumer base is due to their ability to capture project and asset data consistently with precision – at a meaningful volume, velocity, or veracity. As more data is captured, and as new insights are derived, the industry’s benefits are becoming easier to measure and quantify.

“Our steady growth in customers, projects per customer, and captures per site shows the expanding demand for a new type of 4D Data and awareness,” said Jeff DeCoux, CEO and founder of Hangar.

“The construction industry realizes that many of the issues that have plagued the industry for decades result from a lack of real-time situational awareness,” DeCoux added. “JobSight offers businesses of all sizes a simple, scalable, cost-effective way to deploy a new visual insight program that doesn’t actually require the adoption of new software, hardware or staff.”

Officials say JobSight customers are seeing an ROI in key areas like safety, quality, productivity, bill verification, dispute avoidance, claims resolution, and more. By eliminating the traditional cost and complexity of building an internal drone imagery capture program, and all the logistical and data-related challenges, users get the right insight faster and more reliably.

Additionally, the engineering and construction vertical is becoming less enamored with how to capture data and the logistics of drone operations, and far more interested in the usefulness of the data.

JobSight enables industry-first visibility across the entire portfolio of project locations, providing access to the largest variety of precision-captured data types available in the industry today, and giving the entire organization – onsite and offsite – the ability to make data-driven decisions in real-time. More information about JobSight may be found at