ZIP System sheathing and tape is an innovation designed to meet a need for greater installation efficiency. It’s engineered to provide structural durability and reliable protection against water intrusion, while also creating a continuous air barrier in one easy-to-install system.

With an integrated water-resistive barrier it streamlines the weatherization process by eliminating the need for housewrap, to help save critical time on the job and achieve a quick rough dry-in.

For builders with continuous insulation code requirements, we also offer ZIP System R-sheathing. ZIP System R-sheathing includes a built-in layer of polyisocyanurate continuous foam insulation that protects against wall cavity condensation and limits thermal bridging, streamlining one more step in the installation process.

ZIP System R-sheathing is available in four thicknesses—R3, R6, R9 and R12—to meet needs in every climate zone.