Thirty years after pioneering the opening glass wall systems industry, NanaWall Systems introduces an entirely new category through cero by NanaWall—a minimal framed large panel sliding glass wall system. Cero provides a minimalistic design with its ultra-thin profiles and large floor-to-ceiling panels backed by NanaWall’s credible engineering, rigorous independent testing, and flawless performance.

“Cero’s ultra-thin frames and stiles give architects and designers the opportunity to create maximum light-filled spaces and allow the inside and outside to become one,” said NanaWall CEO Ebrahim Nana. “With over 30 years of experience in roller technology, we were able to design an uncompromised roller system for cero that allows for effortless sliding, even for these very large panels.”

Cero offers pure architectural minimalism through its clean, uniform and ultra-thin lines for maximum light-filled spaces that connect the interior to the exterior. With cero, architectural design can be stripped down to its most essential elements, allowing for light, form, material, space and nature to speak for itself—offering architects creative design freedom to completely re-imagine conventional boundaries.

The panels open and close with ease and smoothly glide on concealed stainless steel tracks on encapsulated and self-lubricating rollers, flanked by double-sided brushes to remove debris from the track. When closed, the energy-efficient design keeps the cold on the outside while maintaining warmth inside—even right up against the glass and frames.

Through cero's four sill options (Higher Weather Performance Sill, Flush Sill, Low Profile Saddle Sill and Flush Saddle Hybrid Sill), NanaWall offers not only the most sill options for minimal sliding glass walls in the industry, but also the shallowest in order to address the needs of both the American commercial and residential construction markets.

Cero is available in either double-glazed or triple-glazed options depending on thermal performance needs, and its movement can also be automated. It is offered in 50 standard colors with over 200 colors available in powder coat and anodized finishes; custom-matched colors and simulated wood effects are also available.

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