GCP Applied Technologies Inc. announced the launch of PERM-A-BARRIER VPL50 permeable, liquid-applied air barrier. It features a unique chemical formula that does not wash off when exposed to light rain following application.

PERM-A-BARRIER VPL50 membrane minimizes the impact of weather on projects with its rain-resistant silyl-terminated polyether (STPE) technology. The roller-applied air barrier helps reduce delays and time-consuming re-applications due to weather, driving down the cost of installation.

“GCP Applied Technologies is dedicated to developing products that solve construction challenges,” said Greg Austin, Global Product Director, GCP Applied Technologies. “Weather has always been a limiting factor that contractors cannot control. Our new PERM-A-BARRIER VPL50 air barrier provides customers with more flexibility in their construction schedules and helps them avoid costly project delays.”

The product does not sacrifice performance for rain resistance. PERM-A-BARRIER VPL50 air barrier offers superior protection against the damaging effects of air and liquid water ingress on building structures. The seamless membrane creates a solid barrier against air infiltration and exfiltration, which minimizes associated energy loss and condensation problems. It is flexible and durable and meets critical air barrier industry standards. It is also NFPA 285 compliant in a number of wall assemblies.

The products in GCP’s PERM-A-BARRIER portfolio are tested to the most stringent industry standards and have been installed on thousands of projects worldwide. GCP goes beyond providing just products; it brings technology, service and expertise together to help customers grow their business. That is the Blue360 Advantage.