“I see cost, waste and carbon all being the same. If you reduce the amount of vehicle movements on a construction site you save time, money and emissions,” says Guy Hammersley, formerly BRE Executive Director & Group Director for BIM (Building Information Modelling).

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According to Guy Hammersley, BIM is all about collaboration and better information management. Otherwise you get mistakes, reworking, clashes and inefficiency.

“It’s waste! It’s waste material, waste time and waste effort. It costs time, it costs money and it results in more carbon.”

BIM utilizes information-rich models through collaborative working processes in order to improve the quality of information provided at the design, construction and operational phases in construction projects to save costs by eliminating waste.

“If we can improve information management, we can add value to a project and reduce carbon. And if we can convince the clients of all the huge benefits, I think that we can get them on board. They will then require BIM and it will drive down through the supply chain.”

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