Specified Technologies Inc. (STI) announced new offline capabilities have been added to the STI Firestop System Search and Submittal Builder app. No longer does a poor Internet connection bring work to a standstill. Now with offline support, the app enables work to continue in all areas, including corners of the jobsite where there is no Internet connection. All firestop systems are loaded when the app is downloaded and can be used anywhere, anytime.  

STI Firestop's System Search helps installers, contractors, designers, architects and facilities teams quickly discover firestop systems for addressing through-penetration, construction joint and perimeter fire barrier conditions. “The app simplifies the process of finding appropriate third party-tested firestop systems,” said James P. Stahl, Vice President and General Manager, Engineering and Emerging Businesses. “Each selection refines the options and narrows the search.” Users can also review product data sheets, safety data sheets, and other technical documents directly from their mobile device without the need for an Internet connection.

Additionally, live chat is now included within the STI System Search and Submittal Builder app. When questions arise on the job, the app provides the ability to chat directly with STI’s Engineering Services team to provide answers within minutes. Photos can be taken inside the app and sent immediately for engineering review to provide solutions for all firestop needs. An Internet connection is required for live chat.