Mortar Net Solutions, the leading supplier of moisture management solutions for masonry walls, introduced its new, redesigned website.

The new website is now easier to use and has been divided into three subsites configured specifically for the people who use Mortar Net Solutions products. One subsite is for architects, designers, engineers and building envelope consultants. Another subsite is for contractors and masons, and the third subsite is for distributors and sales representatives. There is also a password-protected section of the site for existing Mortar Net Solutions sales representatives.

Tabs for requesting product samples, downloading key product information and accessing videos and literature are positioned at the top of each page for easy access. Rather than by function, product menus are arranged alphabetically, and drop-down menus require only one click, instead of two.

“Our customers told us they wanted it to be easier to find information specific to their needs, so we redesigned the site with those needs in mind,” said Art Fox, marketing director at Mortar Net Solutions. “No matter whether visitors access the site from a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, they’ll be able to quickly and easily find what they need.”

A video guided tour of the features of the new website is available in the Mortar Net video library at