Garland’s new KEE-Stone FB 60 fleece-backed thermoplastic membrane exceeded industry standard weathering tests tenfold, standing up against even the harshest weather and UV radiation. In accelerated weathering tests, KEE-Stone showed no signs of cracking or cratering even at 100 times magnification, which is 10 times more than the ASTM D 6745 standard requires. KEE-Stone’s unique compound, formulated using the highest grade DuPont Elvaloy HP Ketone Ethylene Ester (KEE), provides superior resistance to UV degradation and heat resistance while retaining its low-temperature flexibility, which translates into a longer-lasting roof.

KEE enhances the performance of the PVC by permanently locking in its flexibility, eliminating plasticizer migration and allowing the membrane to remain tough and flexible throughout the entire lifecycle of the roof. Garland’s KEE-Stone membranes contain the KEE formulation throughout the entire sheet, further increasing its level of performance. The membrane is also reinforced with a polymer-coated, high-performance scrim unlike any other in the industry. The unique design of the scrimallows the KEE compound above and below the scrim to fuse together, imparting exceptional puncture, tear and tensile strength to the membrane.

“The KEE-Stone membrane was designed to be the most durable, longest lasting thermoplastic membrane in the industry,” explained Julie Burkett, Garland research chemist. “At Garland, we design all of our membrane roof systems with longevity in mind, using the best raw materials combined with great design.”

Garland’s two-ply, hybrid KEE-Stone system will provide the trusted protection of a traditional modified bitumen roof system with the clean, white appearance of a single-ply system.

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