Commercial roofing specialist Bade Roofing announced that it was honored with two prestigious industry awards in 2015 - the Firestone Inner Circle of Quality Award and Versico's Excalibur Award. Most recently, Bade Roofing was nominated for a Growing Green Award through the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) - Missouri Gateway Chapter for its first green roof project in Downtown St. Louis, Mo.

Celebrating 15 years of green and healthy spaces, the Growing Green Awards nominees and winners were recognized at a ceremony on March 31 at the MOTO Museum in the Grand Center Arts District in St. Louis City. Award categories included: Community Champion, Community Innovator, Emerging Leader, Operational Excellence and Restoration Champion. The awards recognize individuals, organizations, institutions and companies that are helping transform the built environment and the community into a healthier, more environmentally friendly and prosperous place to live, work and learn.

Bade Roofing was nominated in the Restoration Champion category for its work on the green roof at 700 Market in St. Louis. The watertight green roof, which was constructed on the historic building's fifth floor, incorporates a TPO roof system manufactured by Firestone Building Products, covered by three layers of loose-laid EPS insulation and a protective mat. The outdoor garden space features views of the Gateway Arch, Busch Stadium and the Old Courthouse, plus a three-color paver system, trees, shrubs, planter boxes, a fescue lawn area, seating areas, lighting, watering system and a gas fire pit. The 17,800-square-foot green roof project was Bade's first.

The Firestone Inner Circle of Quality Award is one of the most prestigious honors in the commercial roofing industry awarded through Firestone Building Products. Contractors receiving the award are recognized at Firestone's annual Master Contractor Event and receive regional and local publicity promoting the achievement. Additionally, award winners are eligible to participate in Firestone's Community Service Program and Inner Circle Insurance Program.  

 In order to qualify for the award, master contractors must:

  • Install a minimum of four, eight warranted roofs in a year and four warranted roofs per year for each of the four prior years
  • Maintain at least two million square feet of roof under warranty
  • Achieve an annual Quality Incidence Rating (QIR) of 1.25 or less
  • Achieve Master Contractor Status 

Bade Roofing was also honored in 2015 with an Excalibur Award from Versico Roofing Systems. The program awards points to Versico-authorized contractors for each square foot of both warranted and non-warranted roofing materials that they purchase and install. Versico awards a select number of contractors with the King's Court distinction based on how many points they accumulate throughout the year. To qualify for the King's Court, an authorized Versico contractor must earn 500,000 Excalibur Rewards points between January 1 and December 31, based upon job completion date.

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