Ideal for visual collaboration on construction projects, REVIZTO has caught fire.

The Revizto suite of tools benefits project teams that need BIM collaboration and functionality but without getting bogged down in today’s complex CAD and BIM environments. The idea is a huge boon to building.

Consider: Revizto is easy to use and simple, yet it saves all needed project data. It allows content creation, reviewing and mark-up. It allows building teams to manage all project stats and tasks. Plus it offers a fully navigable 3D environment – like a video game – that makes team collaboration effortless and highly effective. Revizto cuts out mistakes and supports fastest project delivery. Case studies prove it.

Why wouldn’t a project team use Revizto? More and more, the same question is being asked by savvy pros in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) as well as leading owners and developers. They say it could “end errors and change orders.”

One BIM expert with world-renowned AEC firm said, “It's a quick and simple way to bring 3D modeling to life. Revizto saves time, connects the team, and yet lets us show our work with realism.” Another said, “Revizto is a revolutionizing technology for us.”

Now readying the launch of its 4th version in early 2016, Revizto is poised for another phase of fast market growth. This v4.0 debut is a big deal for Revizto, and a major victory for developer Vizerra LLC in the notoriously conservative, slow-adopting AEC industry.

A brief video overview of the software can be viewed here: