Wagner Meters, the respected world leader in moisture meter technology and moisture management solutions, announced today that it is now selling the MMC220 wood moisture meter on Amazon UK. The MMC200 is its top-of-the-line and best-selling wood moisture product.
“We are thrilled to partner with Amazon UK and to provide the European market an exceptional online platform for obtaining our products,” says Ron Smith, Wagner Sales Manager.
“Amazon is one of the most successful companies in the world. Their passion and dedication to helping people purchase online whatever they need is already well known. We look forward to a long and successful relationship,” Smith adds.
Wagner’s Premium Wood Moisture Meter
Amazon UK customers needing a wood moisture meter can find Wagner Meters’ best-selling model on this e-commerce site.
MMC220 Extended Range Wood Moisture Meter: Unmatched in speed and ease of use, the MMC220 is Wagner’s most popular moisture meter for wood flooring and woodworking applications. It’s ideal for measuring wood moisture in all wood species – from rare tropical woods to the more common softwoods and hardwoods.
Equipped with IntelliSense technology, the MMC220 pinless meter measures moisture deep IN the wood for a true moisture picture, but without damage to the wood surface and without interference from surface moisture. Its Press-and-Hold feature allows users to get into tight places where the meter display cannot be seen, yet holds the reading once the meter is removed.
With a reputation for outstanding professional-grade quality, exceptional accuracy, and reliability, the MMC220 comes with an unprecedented 7-year warranty.
50-Year Legacy of Quality Moisture Measurement
Wagner Meters manufactures technologically advanced wood and concrete moisture measurement devices and moisture measurement systems for wood flooring professionals, woodworkers, and building inspectors. For 50 years, Wagner’s field proven moisture meter technology has helped thousands of valued customers worldwide improve profits, and eliminate wood and concrete moisture-related problems.
For more information on Wagner Meters’ complete line of field-tested moisture measurement tools and systems, visit www.wagnermeters.com, or call +1 541-582-0541 for more information on ordering and shipping to wherever you do business.