A new resource from PROSOCO provides a repository of contractors across the U.S. who have been trained through the SWR Institute Validated Air- and Water-Resistive Barrier Training Program.

This independent, third-party program certifies that participating contractors have been trained on safety, material science, visual demonstration, plans and specification review, installation, quality control and testing and evaluation.

PROSOCO is the only manufacturer of air- and water-resistive barriers that provides a training program through the SWR Institute.

The program provides a “stamp of approval” for each of the trained contractors listed in the online tool, according to Dave Pennington, PROSOCO’s Building Envelope Group Manager.

“PROSOCO is on board with the SWR Institute’s mission of elevating standards in our industry through education,” Pennington said. “Specifiers, architects, end-users and others selecting an air barrier installer should feel confident when using one that is qualified through this program. We believe it benefits the industry as a whole and encourage more contractors to enroll.”