The Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute has published a new Technical Note, “Chase the Loads: Load Path Considerations for Cold-Formed Steel Light-Frame Construction” (Tech Note G200-15).  It provides insights into the complex vertical and lateral load path considerations for cold-formed steel framing, including the structural configuration and system effects that can result in load sharing, partial composite action, influence of assumed non-load bearing partition walls, and a redistribution of forces. 

Additionally, the Technical Note “Design for Splicing of Cold-Formed Steel Wall Studs” (Tech Note W106-15a) has been updated to incorporate necessary changes to some of the calculations published in the original document. It covers design methods for the splicing of two cold-formed steel studs in a curtain wall or interior nonstructural wall condition. It replaces “Design for Splicing of Cold-Formed Steel Wall Studs” (Tech Note W106-15). 

These Technical Notes are the latest in CFSEI’s continuing series of instructional documents on topics related to cold-formed steel framing for commercial and residential construction. They are available free of charge to CFSEI members at Non-members can purchase them at the AISI Steel Store. For more information on joining CFSEI, visit

CFSEI maintains a Steel Framing Hotline to answer inquiries from construction professionals seeking cold-formed steel solutions for their projects. Suggestions for additional Technical Note topics are welcomed. The Steel Framing Hotline is accessible at 1-800-79-STEEL.