Hacker Industries Inc. announced the release of a new Acoustical Design Guide for today’s multi-family and residential markets. The guide is a compilation of acoustical tests performed on a numerous floor/ceiling assemblies using Hacker Industries Inc.’s line of FIRM-FILL SCM Underlayments and FIRM-FILL Brand Gypsum Concretes.

The design guide is a valuable tool and reference source for architects, acoustical engineers and owners involved in specifying and selecting products in multi-family and commercial projects. It features STC and IIC sound performance numbers on open web, nominal wood, and concrete assemblies with a variety of finished floor coverings. 

Sound tests are sorted by assembly and FIRM-FILL SCM mat type. It also includes detailed illustrations outlining all components of the floor/ceiling assembly. Sound tests were conducted at independent laboratories in accordance with ASTM E90, E492, and E2719.

“Our goal with the Acoustical Design Guide is to help designers select products that will provide optimal sound attenuation and educate the building community on the tested sound performance of our products in a variety of applications,” said Dean Hacker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. 

To download a copy of the Acoustical Design Guidelines, log onto www.HackerIndustries.com.