This March, Building Products veteran Bill Eberle, whom has worked for CertainTeed for the past 42 years, is retiring. He leaves a lasting legacy of leadership and commitment that ripples throughout the industry.

In 1973, the DePauw University graduate entered CertainTeed as a sales trainee. Eberle’s work nature helped push him through progressive appointments in sales, business development, and product and marketing management in the company’s roofing and siding groups. In 1996, he was promoted to his current role as vice president of marketing for CertainTeed Siding where he has successfully led the development and innovation of the broadest portfolio of siding, trim, fence, decking and railing products in the building materials industry. Bill Eberle

“Bill is among the best marketers in the business. His intelligent approach to marketing has established CertainTeed Siding as the best in its class. Bill’s work extends beyond our company to change the way the entire industry views and sells siding,” said Pamela Schechter, president of CertainTeed Siding Products Group. “There is no doubt that Bill’s understanding of the overall building products market and our customers has been a guidepost for our brands and programs for years. Fortunately Bill is also the ultimate team player and has built a stellar marketing group that will undoubtedly carry his ideals forward. We will miss him and wish him all the best in his retirement.” 

Chuck Campbell, executive director of American Wholesale of Malvern, Pennsylvania, has worked closely with Eberle as both peer and customer and believes marketers like Eberle are hard to find. 

“Bill is incredibly insightful and instinctively knows what programs will work effectively with his customers,” Campbell said.

Under Eberle’s leadership, CertainTeed Vinyl Siding has been ranked the number one brand by building professionals for 18 consecutive years. He, and the team he built, are respected throughout the industry for their development and marketing of building materials and customer programs. 

Beyond valuable programs, Campbell credits Eberle with blazing new trails in the siding industry. He achieved this by branding product features like CertaLock, Patented STUDFinder, DuraLock, and more.  

Julius Krisanic, owner of Wholesale Siding Depot of St. Louis, Missouri, describes Eberle’s work as second to none, noting that the customer programs developed under Eberle have been instrumental in setting Krisanic’s business apart from competitors. 

“No one comes close to doing what Bill can do. The programs he has guided have been phenomenal. Not only are they good for CertainTeed, but also for the customers and contractors who utilize these services. He has a true passion for his company, his customers and the end result,” Krisanic said.

The programs developed by Eberle and his marketing team have far-ranging benefits for customers and homeowners and are regarded as best-in-class throughout the building industry. He has also been a huge proponent of the Building Solutions cross divisional programs.