Is resistance to wind, hail, snow, ice and earthquakes an essential feature of the roofing system you‘re considering? If the answer is yes, Allmet Roofing by Headwaters is the only roofing solution you’ll need to know.  

The product is a premium stone-coated metal roofing system sold through distribution, providing an ideal blend of attributes long sought by contractors and homeowners. On one hand, Allmet delivers the rugged durability and strength of metal roofing. On the other, it serves up the handsome good looks of such profiles as wood shake, genuine slate, Spanish Tile and shingle roofing. The roofing continues on strong, year after year, for half a century or more.

An Allmet metal roof may cost a bit more to install, but the expense will be more than offset by lower repair and replacement cost. Compared to concrete or clay roofing, this stone-coated metal roofing is light in weight, and among the safest roofs in seismic regions. When installed as designed, this dry under-deck roofing system eliminates need for moisture barriers that eventually fail.

Made from 3/16 galvalume-coated metal, the most durable roofing around, Allmet systems won’t rot, crack, warp or break. They’re energy efficient, and offer protection against snow, ice, winds and hail. The product’s stone-coated metal roofing is also non-combustible, earning a coveted Class A Fire Rating.

The products is offered in an array of styles that attractively complement most homes. They start with Granite Ridge galvalume metal stone-coated shingles, a lightweight, tough and economical roofing backed by a lifetime warranty. This new generation shingle is not only 67 percent lighter weight than heavyweight asphalt laminates but features outstanding aesthetics. What’s more, the raised seem joints on Granite Ridge ensure enhanced protection against the elements.

Allmet Continental gives roofs the appearance of high-profile “S” type concrete tiles. Yet it has none of the attendant headaches, including heavy weight, of standard cement or clay-based tile.  Stone-coated metal composition helps eliminate costly repair and replacement problems, saves energy and adds to home value, while maintaining its good looks for 50 years or more.

Allmet Wood Shake melds the natural beauty of wood shake with the tough, secure strength of metal roofing, and provides great economies to boot. Natural shake has never offered the freedom from high upkeep and replacement costs our Wood Shake promises. And it doesn’t have Wood Shake’s assurance it won’t catch fire or blow off in high winds. With many areas prohibiting wood shake, stone-coated metal tile wood profiles of Allmet Wood Shake have become a much-sought alternative.

Allmet Shadowline gives you the fine aesthetics and dimension of natural slate, and features four Energy Star-rated colors among its 19 color blends. These metal roofing systems provide terrific efficiency and value, and also avoid the cracking, breaking, moisture retention and other problems of genuine state.

The product is backed by a limited lifetime transferable warranty that covers up to 120 mile per hour winds, 2.5-inch hail stones and fire.