ATLANTA — With the goal of providing more information and resources, Georgia-Pacific Gypsum has redesigned its website dedicated to its roof board, DensDeck.

The new DensDeck website has targeted information that lets busy professionals find just what they need to know, quickly and effortlessly. Roofing contractors, roofing consultants, architects, specifiers and building owners/facility managers can click unto their specific section to find relevant content targeted to the interests and needs of those construction professionals. 

The site was also designed to provide the best visual content for tablets and smart phones, making it much more accessible for highly mobile design and construction personnel.

Visitors can also now sign up for eBlasts, with the option of providing a profile which will allow Georgia-Pacific Gypsum to provide just that eBlast content which they would be interested in to make their roofing-related tasks easier.

The new website also offers videos, case studies, technical resources and more on topics made to facilitate the roofing process for professionals.

 For more information, visit the new