Atlas WallAtlas wall insulation

 Atlas Wall CI has announced some new additions to its rigid board polyiso wall insulation offerings. The company manufactures a quartet of exterior wall insulation products, but the addition of Infinish ES and Infinish ES2 represents the first interior-focused wall insulation boards to be manufactured by Atlas Wall. Infinish ES and ES2 both feature a Class A fire-rated closed-cell polysiocyanurate foam core with an embossed and scrub-resistant acrylic-coated aluminum foil facer on the front and a reflective foil facer on the back. Infinish ES2 also includes fiberglass fibers in the core to meet ASTM C1289 Type I, Class 2. Both insulation products have been developed for interior exposed applications. Infinish ES and ES2 can be used as an interior insulating finish on interior walls or ceilings, but not in combination. A 15-year limited thermal warranty is available. For more information, visit