WASHINGTON — The AIA Convention 2014 is taking place in Chicago June 26-28. According to the American Institute of Architects (AIA), attendees will have the opportunity to connect with the world’s brightest architects, designers, innovators, provocateurs and thought leaders all in one place at one time, in the heart of America’s architectural epicenter — Chicago.

This year’s event is a reimagined AIA National Convention that presents a fresh, new approach to how architects learn, engage and connect with one another. Attendees will:

Learn. It’s a great opportunity to satisfy continuing education requirements. The topics go beyond the ordinary and include “Designing Schools for Obesity Prevention,” “Increasing Your Firm’s Bottom Line by Adjusting for Shifting Demographics” and “Exploring Energy-Generating Affordable Housing.” Seminars are engaging and interactive, and presenters use cool technologies to bring their ideas to life in classrooms and on the expo floor.

Solve technical issues. Attendees are highly likely to find an answers to their questions among the hundreds of professionals leading seminars and the experts managing nearly 800 displays at the AIA Expo 2014.

Get out in front. Attendees will discover new building materials and technologies that will have a dramatic impact on their work, and experience firsthand new ideas and trends that will influence the lives of those for whom they’re designing.

Promote themselves. Attendees should take advantage of rare opportunities to interact with award-winning creatives, motivating business leaders and innovative engineers. Interaction happens not only in seminars and events, but also on the expo floor, where the atmosphere is geared toward getting attendees information they can use.

Collaborate and connect. The days of working in silos are over. Successful development projects require team players and tight integration. Gaining experience in collaboration and working with other disciplines raises one’s value in the workplace and the marketplace — and this is the place to make the essential connections.

Enjoy the diversity. Attendees will encounter new faces that reflect the changing profile of the architecture and design field. They can check out programs centered on women in architecture or classes designed to help them start up a firm of their own.

 For more information, visit convention.aia.org.