WASHINGTON — A new campaign has been launched that celebrates more than 75 years of innovation enabled by polyurethane. The campaign is titled “Versatile. Durable. Incredible. Polyurethane.”

The campaign will employ a website, social media, advertising and event marketing to highlight the ways polyurethane touches lives every day. From making sneakers and car bumpers lighter and more impact absorbent, to enhancing the comfort of furniture and mattresses, to improving the energy efficiency of our homes and appliances, to protecting the shiny appearance of your automobile, polyurethane is a critical component in the products people use each day. The polyurethanes industry operates in 935 locations in the United States, directly generating $19.7 billion in output and 37,700 jobs.

“We want to recognize this nearly $20 billion industry and the many ways polyurethanes are used in products that we take for granted every day,” said Lee Salamone, senior director of the Center for Polyurethanes Industry at the American Chemistry Council. “Polyurethane's versatility and durability are essential in a number of industries from construction to furniture, to clothing, to automotive, and we look forward to celebrating the incredible success of polyurethane-enabled products with these industries.”

The Versatile. Durable. Incredible. Polyurethane. website will feature products that benefit from the flexibility and durability of polyurethane. Manufacturers are welcome to submit their products to Jessica_Knutzon@americanchemistry.com

For more information, visit www.incrediblepolyurethane.com.