SAN JOSE, Calif. — BCA Architects has completed a new, state-of-the-art, 750-seat Performing Arts Center and 5,000-square-foot library at Chula Vista High School in San Diego County. The new buildings embody modern design anchored in functionality and sustainability. For the current and the next generation of students at Chula Vista High School, which holds 2,700, BCA Architects masterfully interwove a contemporary interpretation of the school’s neoclassical Greek Spartan mascot into the projects’ design and the school’s 70-year-old campus.

Some sustainable highlights of the buildings include: strategic orientation to maximize natural light; low-flow plumbing fixtures and water-efficient landscaping ensure more than 50 percent in annual water savings; low-impact, energy-efficient HVAC systems to increase ventilation along with an on-site renewable energy system; and 40 percent of the site reserved as vegetated open space.

To help overcome the challenge of a tight budget, BCA Architects spearheaded the process of securing $3.0 million in Career Technical Education and High Performance Initiative grants for both the Performing Arts Center and the Library. BCA Architects’ closeout with certification from the Division of the State Architect also ensures the district can proceed with obtaining state funding for future facility projects.

“BCA architects did an incredible job of capturing the vision and needs of the School for Creative & Performing Arts in their design of our new 700-seat Performing Arts Center. Their attention to all details: acoustics, aesthetics, theatrical considerations, and serviceable rehearsal spaces paired with cutting-edge design and technology have created a jewel that will be the centerpiece of our community for many years to come,” said Ron Bolles, former facilitator of the SCPA at Chula Vista High School. “From the design phase of the project, we knew we were doing something truly magnificent.”

Because BCA Architects is seeking LEED Platinum certification for the projects, the Chula Vista High School’s Performing Arts Center is South San Diego’s largest and most sustainable theatrical arts facility. “The impact this has had on our students is palpable,” said Kevin Willard, Assistant Principal at Chula Vista High School. “They are delighted to study in a brand new library and perform in a wonderful new theater they can call their own,” Willard said.

“BCA Architects is deeply honored to play an active role in helping to create such a positive impact on Chula Vista High School and the surrounding community,” said Paul Bunton, founding principal of BCA Architects.

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