WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Center PV Taskforce released a draft copy of PV Racking Criteria for Effective Rooftop Solar Integration. The document is the product of more than three months of work by the taskforce whose members include key representatives from the commercial roofing industry. The draft document contains seven distinct categories of racking criteria, examples and recommended action items for the installation of rooftop solar racking systems.
The newly released document will serve as the basis for the publication of best practice standards developed by a board of stakeholders from the roofing and solar industries. The taskforce plans to develop further standards guiding rooftop solar installations with regard to expanded technologies and installation practices. 
The Center PV Taskforce has invited members of the solar industry and other interested parties to join the Taskforce Advisory Group and participate in future collaborative discussions. The taskforce will accept comments from the at-large community and consider those comments within internal stakeholder discussions.
To download a copy of PV Racking Criteria for Effective Rooftop Solar Integration, please click here. Directions for submitting public comments are included on the first page of the document.
For more information on the taskforce, or to participate, contact the Center Staff at 202-380-3371, e-mail at PVTaskforce@RoofingCenter.org or visit www.RoofingCenter.org.