WASHINGTON — The Center PV Taskforce has released the public version of PV Racking and Attachment Criteria for Effective Low-Slope Metal Panel Roof System Integration. The public version of the document contains five fundamental principles for the effective deployment of rooftop PV on metal panel roof systems. Each principle includes examples and recommended action items for the design, installation and long-term maintenance of rooftop racking and attachment systems.

“For the past two years, the Center PV Taskforce has filled a critical gap in communication between the solar and roofing industries,” said Center Vice President of Sustainability James Kirby, AIA. “The dialogue within the Taskforce focuses on the long-term performance and reliability of both the solar energy system and roof system, which are critical elements to the long-term success of the rooftop solar industry as a whole.”

This document was developed with input from a broad coalition of roofing and solar professionals, and it reflects careful consideration of comments submitted during two rounds of public comment.

The document is the second in a series of guidelines published by the Center PV Taskforce. Additional information on the Taskforce and links to download the guidelines are available at www.roofingcenter.org/special/pv.

For more information, visit www.roofingcenter.org.