FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – The American Shotcrete Association (ASA) has announced the new “Submit Your Shotcrete Project for Bid” function on its website granting the world direct bid access to the leading shotcrete companies.

“The critical link between high quality concrete, placed via the shotcrete method, and a knowledgeable, experienced shotcrete contractor with a history of success, cannot be overemphasized,” stated Patrick Bridger, ASA president.

With this in mind, the American Shotcrete Association has created this free web-based tool to allow owners and specifiers to submit their projects for a bid request from ASA’s Corporate Members.

“ASA Corporate Members have the skill, knowledge and experience that uniquely qualify them to offer the exceptional benefits of the shotcrete process and ASA has now given the world convenient and effective direct access to this resource," said Bridger.

Visit and submit your shotcrete project for bid by ASA’s Corporate Members.