USGBC publishes an annual announcement to celebrate the "Top 10 States for LEED." Now in its 12th year, the annual list is based on the gross square footage of LEED-certified space per capita added in each state over the past year, using U.S. Census data.

Top state for 2021? Illinois.

Top state for 2020? Massachusetts

Top state for 2019? Colorado.

I have always wondered where my home state of Indiana stood in the mix. I anticipate that many others may similarly wonder about their own states if they have not been recently noted in the Top 10 States for LEED rankings.

Wonder no more! I independently processed the data for all LEED BD+C, ID+C, O+M, and Homes projects over the past ten years (2012-2021). 

May I offer... the (unofficial) Top 10 States for LEED for the past decade.

Figure: LEED certified gross square feet per capita per state from 2012-2021.

Image courtesy of author. Data courtesy of the U.S. Green Building Council.


At 3.40 square feet per capita, Nevada is tops over the past decade. 

With 0.54 square feet per capita, Indiana is ranked 29th and holding its own.

The impressive outliner in the data is Washington D.C. Of course, the District of Columbia is not ranked because it is a federal district, not a state. However, at a whopping 27.48 square feet of LEED certified space per capita, our nation's capital has more than the entire top ten states of the past decade combined (22.28).