A growing number of organizations are tossing their traditional pen-and-paper approach with robust computerized maintenance management systems for improved operational efficiency and reduced costs. Advanced CMMS systems not only offer organizations the ability to track work orders, inventory levels and maintenance schedules but also extend asset lifespan, reduce costs, and facilitate better management of time and labor.

The latest innovation in the CMMS industry following cloud-based interfaces and mobile functionality is the inclusion of architectural drawings. This new offering is a perfect solution for companies seeking an encompassing CMMS solution that incorporates schematic drawings. Now the CMMS solution will provide complete details of a structure - from the placement of HVAC and plumbing to the location of sprinkler systems and entrance doorways.

5 Advantages of Including Architectural Drawings in Your CMMS Solution

1. Acquaints Your Staff with the Structure’s Layout
Architectural drawings are extremely useful when it comes to planning, scheduling, and allocating resources and supplies to vital assets in large organizations with multiple facilities. This new offering makes it very easy to identify the location of assets and inventory by viewing architectural drawings rather than physically touring each and every facility. Also, when there is a need to repair a vital component in an asset or replace large quantities of supplies, architectural drawings prove resourceful in determining accurate space allocation and save a lot of time. These drawings are also helpful in familiarizing new employees with building layouts and placements of assets without needing new hires to be physically present there.   

2. Helps Locate Vital Assets in Real-time
Spreadsheets that contain thousands of data points are complicated but visual aids that highlight supply levels with their exact locations in both text and graphical formats enable maintenance technicians to be proactive and productive.

3. Ensures the Safety of Valuable Infrastructure Assets
Organizations of every size and scope value the safety and security of their employees and vital infrastructure assets. A CMMS solution keeps facility managers and maintenance technicians informed and aware in case an emergency strikes. This enables them to react to unexpected failures, fires, equipment damage or alarms immediately and take corrective action on time. With architectural drawings, technicians can locate emergency exit, fire extinguishers, alarm systems and sprinklers as soon as possible and in doing so they save a lot of time, money, resources and lives.

4. Shows the Exact Locations of Inspections, Repairs and Supplies
The biggest benefit of this new CMMS offering is its ability to identify the precise location of assets and their maintenance requirements. With this integrated CMMS system, work orders are reflected directly on floor plans to eliminate any confusion. When field technicians can zero in on the exact asset location for inspections, repairs and replacements, they become more efficient and save a lot of time.

5. Makes Information Processing Quick and Easy with Meaningful Visual Aids
Different people function differently. While some rely on auditory learning the others respond better to visual aids. According to research, 40 to 65 percent of the population benefits most from seeing diagrams, pictures, directions and charts. This is a major reason why facilities management software works best when it includes schematic aids. Having architectural drawings as a part of the CMMS system assists visual users to better understand the bigger picture in the most meaningful manner.