In my opinion, Christopher Columbus’ best discovery was the one we seldom discuss. Yes, I am talking about the discovery of noodles in China. He then had the foresight to bring it back to Italy where early culinary scientists and chemists mixed it with a tomato sauce to create the perfect food: spaghetti.

I have often said that the sauce is the adhesive that keeps Italian families together because of the Sunday meals. The screech of the disagreements dies down when the pasta is served. Of course, that is also how we learned the art form of speaking with our hands — this came out of necessity because we are not going to interrupt the eating of the pasta.

In many ways details are the sauce of roofing and waterproofing specifications. Details are the vital ingredient that enhances the specifications and eliminates the disagreements. It is the designers’ foremost responsibility to provide proper details with all design specifications. This is particularly true because penetrations and terminations are the most troublesome points on roofing and waterproofing projects.

 ARW explicates proper roofing and waterproofing details in every edition. Review them with your Sunday meals. Proper details can bring contractors and designers closer to a successful project conclusion. More importantly, it keeps the project participants from speaking with hand gestures.