I am a lifelong avid hockey fan and spring is my favorite time of the year due the NHL playoffs. There are anywhere from two to four games a day and the action intensifies this time of year. Unfortunately, as much as I love the intensity that the players provide — they step it up for the playoffs — the same cannot be said for the officiating. For some reason (that is apparently only known to a former NBA executive) the rules change in the playoffs. It is a frustration to the players and the fans and it ultimately keeps the sport from gaining acceptance over other major sports such as hot dog eating contests and poker.

As we find on a daily basis in all aspects of our lives it is not only important to have rules but, more importantly (and this is the tricky part), there needs to be proper interpretation of the rules so they can be enforced.

We have a NHL playoff scenario in construction through the building codes. On paper they are fairly straightforward. However, every municipality and state has its own interpretations of the codes. Some areas enforce codes, some do not. Just like interference is called throughout the NHL season and is routinely allowed in the playoffs.

Despite any irregularities in interpretation, designers should have knowledge of the codes and should design to meet them.

ARW provides analysis of roofing and waterproofing codes in every issue, and we also conduct webinars on these subjects. My most recent webinar on waterproofing codes is archived on our website, and I recommend that you check it out in your free time.