The fundamental principle of accomplishment is to focus on the task at hand. This is true of all tasks, no matter how minute. The greater the task the higher the degree of focus. The amount of focus output in a business climate should mirror the golf swing: effortless and repetitive.

Golf is one of the hardest games to master because the swing is unnatural and unorthodox to typical human movement. Because any slight imperfection in the golf swing could result in an errant shot, focus is required throughout the total swing process. Although professional golfers make the swing look natural it is in actuality a very complex process. Just like completing business tasks – repetition makes you better whereas focus makes you great.

Professional golf instructors emphasize that the player should think of the ball as a single point along the arc of a fluid swing. The arc begins before impact and should flow past the point of contact. Follow through in the golf swing – as it is in business – is often times the key to success – as you should swing through the ball and not at it.

The completion of a task should be similar with completion of the task being considered the ball. You should determine what the task at hand is just like you line up a shot to the hole. Determine what you need to complete the task, gather the required information as to what obstacles may be in your way to the path of completion. Focus on the task and complete the process with the effortless repetition that you would in the arc of a golf swing. After you have completed the task, follow through to ensure your efforts have reached the desired target.

The benefit of this process is that if you are able to master the accomplishment of tasks at hand you may be able to spend more time on a golf course.