Sto Corp., the innovative world leader in claddings, air barriers, coatings, and restoration systems, announces the launch of Sto Strike Defense, an ultra-high impact puncture resistant solution designed to protect EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems) from punctures caused by woodpeckers, as well as blunt and sharp objects.

Sto Strike Defense is a fortification option specifically engineered to provide both new and existing EIFS with outstanding impact and puncture resistance. Woodpeckers can cause substantial harm to a building's exterior. Entryways, staircases, and lower sections are susceptible to accidental impacts and punctures. These damages can result in water infiltration and system failures. Sto Strike Defense creates another layer of defense, preserving the look of the building and protecting the systems behind the cladding.

The key component of Sto Strike Defense is StoArmat™ Classic Plus–a patent-pending, cement-free, organic high-build acrylic plaster. In restoration applications, fortification is achieved by embedding Sto Mesh in StoArmat™ Classic Plus over the existing EIFS.  For new construction, Sto Armor Mat must be embedded in the basecoat along with the fortification layer.  This increased durability and resistance comes with design flexibility Sto is known for, allowing for a wide range of aesthetic options, including wood, brick, stone, and textured finishes.

“Sto Strike Defense is a game-changer for EIFS durability, offering unparalleled protection and performance,” said James Howell, associate product manager at Sto Corp. “This innovative solution not only enhances the resilience of buildings but also provides peace of mind for building owners and designers.”

The evolution of building regulations aims to reduce energy costs and improve resilience against climate change. StoTherm® ci wall systems with Sto Strike Defense offer the best option to meet future building codes initiatives mandated by the government and other code governing bodies.

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