The Roofing Alliance welcomes its newest member, Roofing Contractor Magazine, Birmingham, Michigan, who has joined at the Service Provider level and is the foundation’s 199th member.
 "The Roofing Alliance is an example of what the roofing industry does best, which is pull together our various talents and specialties to help keep the industry vibrant moving forward,” stated Jill Bloom, group publisher. “The Roofing Alliance's vision is directly in line with RC's mission, which is to provide the news, information, and vital connections roofing contractors need to build and grow their businesses."
 The Roofing Alliance has attracted some of the best and brightest roofing professionals in the industry. Together, they select and provide oversight of programs and funding for progressive research that shapes, improves, and advances the roofing industry in four key areas: education and training, technology, sustainability, and philanthropy.  
 “Member participation is vital within the Roofing Alliance, and much of the organization’s strength comes from its broad base of supportive contributors,” said Executive Director Alison L. LaValley, CAE. “The roofing industry has a wonderful history of generosity, and for roofing professionals who would like to be involved in giving back and securing the future excellence of the roofing industry, the Roofing Alliance provides the perfect opportunity to collaborate, commit and contribute on multiple levels.”