Reworld™, a leader in sustainable waste solutions, is announcing the launch of ReCredit, a groundbreaking program designed to help customers achieve their net-zero goals through the purchase of sustainable carbon offsets. Reworld™ processes nearly 10 percent of the United States' garbage, significantly reducing net carbon emissions by avoiding methane-generating landfills. This effort prevents over 40 million metric tons of greenhouse gases annually, equivalent to the amount sequestered by 48 million acres of forest—an area spanning eight U.S. states.

ReCredit is one of several key solutions introduced by Reworld™ in its April rebrand, designed to support businesses in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and advancing toward net-zero. This partner program strengthens its relationships and offers exclusive ReCredits to preferred Reworld™ partners, empowering them to manage their carbon footprint. 

To qualify for this program, Reworld™ partners must demonstrate dedicated sustainability goals with tangible results. Its inaugural member is cleantech company, Carbonxt. 

“Reworld™ is committed to reimagining waste as a resource through reducing, reusing, recycling, recovering and renewing materials. This approach keeps waste out of landfills and helps our partners reach their decarbonization goals faster,” said Gagan Sood, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer at Reworld™.  

"At Carbonxt, our focus is on achieving optimal environmental outcomes for the carbon we produce. Our collaboration with Reworld™ represents a significant stride in fulfilling this dedication to sustainability stewardship. Initiatives like ReCredit are instrumental in helping us manage our Scope 1 and 2 goals effectively to make meaningful progress towards net zero and set a precedent for others in the industry to follow," stated Dr. Regina Rodriguez, CEO of Carbonxt. 

ReCredit is one of many solutions that Reworld™ customers leverage on their sustainability journeys. 

To learn more about ReCredit and explore Reworld™ focused solutions, including ReDirect360™ (Zero Waste-to-Landfill), ReKiln™ (Alternative Fuel Engineering), ReDrop™ (Wastewater Treatment), and ReMove (Transportation and Logistics), visit