Hord Coplan Macht, an award-winning integrated architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and planning firm, has announced that Principal Matthew Porta, AIA, has been elevated to Director of Practice. In this newly created position, Porta will focus on enhancing quality and consistency across the firm's portfolio.  

“The success of any project relies on the team working together harmoniously, and I am committed to fostering an environment where collaboration is made easy. I look forward to contributing to the firm’s continuous improvement and effectively positioning us to tackle the challenges of the ever-evolving design industry," said Matthew Porta. “I'm also excited to work alongside my peers across the firm, ensuring that our core values resonate through every project and sector we engage with.”  

Since joining the firm in 1997, Porta has dedicated his 27-year career to the design and construction of healthy and sustainable schools for students and teachers. With extensive experience in the K-12 sector, he understands the importance of flexible designs that can adapt to future needs and enhance their surroundings. As Director of Practice, he will establish firmwide standards across multiple market sectors, ensuring these standards are effectively implemented and eliminating productivity roadblocks. Porta will also oversee the firm’s professional services operations and management of the project delivery process following the goals established by the firm’s CEO and Board of Directors.  

“Matthew demonstrates unwavering dedication to his clients and project teams, and we know he will apply that same work ethic to his new role. He excels in understanding his peers, and as Director of Practice, Matthew will empower everyone at Hord Coplan Macht to continue to work effectively and access the resources needed for innovation,” said Tim Barnhill, CEO of Hord Coplan Macht. "We feel confident that in this new capacity, he will play a key role in positioning the firm for seamless growth as we move into the future." 

Aiming to attract new talent and further unlock the creative potential within the firm, Porta is dedicated to nurturing an environment where innovation thrives. With a passion for the design and construction process in the built environment and a deep appreciation for his colleagues, Porta is an engaged leader who inspires his teams to seek out inventive design solutions and opportunities that deliver significant value to clients.