TPG Architecture LLP, an award-winning New York City-based architecture and design firm, announced the promotion of Brian Critzman to Retail Studio Director. With more than two decades of experience in retail design and previously serving as Retail Director at the firm, Critzman's expertise will further elevate the standards of excellence within TPG and the retail industry as a whole. In his new role, Critzman will lead a dynamic group of designers and architects within the firm's team-of-teams structure. He plays a crucial role in overseeing the technical aspects and, in collaboration with other studio leaders, provides valuable insights for overall project direction. From conceptualization to execution, he ensures excellence throughout the entire design process.

“From day one, Brian has not only stepped in, but also stepped up, proving himself invaluable for his versatility in working skillfully across different teams and project types," says Ron Alalouf, Managing Executive at TPG Architecture. "Brian stands out as a leader within the studio and the entire firm through his dedication and commitment. He continually strives for the growth and success of both employees and the firm's relationships."

Critzman joined TPG in 2013 and as part of its Retail Studio has served as a trusted advisor and dedicated partner to clients at both the national and international levels. His multifaceted background, encompassing both technical expertise in architecture and construction, enables him to see projects from all stakeholder perspectives and transform creative ideas into effective, efficient drawings that uniquely blend aesthetic appeal and function. Critzman's proven track record of success includes a diverse body of work across high-end European luxury retail and landlord services – delivering to each of his clients bespoke solutions uniquely tailored to their needs. His committed approach fosters lasting partnerships that often result in repeat business.

“I am honored to be taking this next step into leadership of the Retail Studio," says Critzman. "Our success is a testament to the collective efforts and achievements of an incredible and talented team. I look forward to leveraging my approach to project management, technical knowledge, and business expertise to prioritize strategic initiatives that drive our continued growth and success.”