Award-winning architecture, design, and strategy firm NELSON Worldwide announced the advancement of Andrew Lengel to Studio Leader of Retail. Andrew will thoughtfully grow and develop connections between the design team and clients to foster growth for the firm’s retail practice in the Philadelphia area and broader Northeastern region.

“Andrew continuously brings a positive outlook and commitment to elevating talent within the teams he leads,” says Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at NELSON Worldwide, John “Ozzie” Nelson Jr. “His aptitude for mediation and introspective communication makes him the ideal candidate for advancement within the firm.”

Andrew brings his sense of reliability and wide breadth of industry experience to the role, enabling him to confidently deliver projects that exceed client expectations. To ensure success among his teams, he strategically champions people to do their best work. As Studio Leader, Andrew is committed to encouraging teammates to follow their interests as they change over time, recognizing that all project types bring invaluable experience to his teams. Across all responsibilities, from drafting proposals and strategizing with clients to inspecting construction sites, reviewing drawings, and coordinating with internal and external project teams, Andrew’s penchant for efficiency allows him to consistently deliver the high caliber of design and architecture solutions NELSON is known for.

“I am privileged to continue collaborating with some of the best people in the industry,” remarks Andrew. “In my new role, I aim to maintain the team’s cohesion and introduce new partners to NELSON’s impressive scope of work.”

Andrew’s unique professional journey and project history have shaped his worldview and approach to design. His career highlights include developing an augmented reality exhibit for education on elephants, designing a golf practice facility for inner city youth, and witnessing his hand sketch become the front entrance artwork of a new school in Camden. This vast experience taught Andrew how to wrangle conflicts of every kind and find his own ‘voice’ within the design and architecture industry.

Currently, Andrew is collaborating with the retail team on several restaurants and concession stands at the Philadelphia, Newark, and New York airports, among other locations, with a goal of making traveling “delicious” again. Driven by tenacity, thoughtful leadership and a distinct worldview, Andrew will continue to expand the firm’s impressive retail portfolio with strategic and innovative design and architecture concepts.