After getting totally immersed with “authenticity” from my last publisher note and Gary Brecka, I was captured by his podcast “The Ultimate Human.” On his platform, he talks about hydrogen water and the many benefits it has on our bodies and our minds. Brecka even has a hydrogen water bottle that he has with him at all times. So, of course, I bought my own on Amazon. The benefits of drinking hydrogen water include increased energy and exercise capacity, reduced inflammation and greater physical endurance. 

According to the National Library of Medicine, hydrogen-enriched water also eliminates fine particles from the lungs and blood by enhancing phagocytic activity. After doing some more research, it seems that hydrogen water has some microbiome benefits as well—we could all use an immunity boost with the work we need to accomplish!

At this point, you’re probably thinking, this doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Building Enclosure; but I think it does… so stay with me.

This concept got me thinking about the overall health levels and the safety of our own employees. One thing we know is that many of the jobs in our industry have a creative element that sometimes doesn’t just happen during the day. 

With the long hours that we put in—often times you just need a boost, especially when our work tends to go into the evening hours. Personally, I know too much caffeine just makes me bounce off the walls!

The creative energy and the everyday grind that we’re all constantly up against… how do we not only face it; but conquer it? What can we do as employers to help our workers live healthier, more productive lives? 

With all the strategies I’ve found on improving your employees health and well-being, why not start with something as simple and basic as healthier water like hydrogen water?! Here’s some additional benefits:

  • Enhances metabolic syndrome
  • May aid in weight loss
  • Increases thyroid function
  • Used for diabetes treatment
  • Could help prevent cancer
  • Promotes skin health


It just seems logical the healthier you are the more productive you can be.  

So, with all that being said, what do you do to keep your mind running at full speed when you have a big project you’re working on? How do you stay focused, stay motivated and stay healthy when you’re running on fumes?

I want to hear all about how you face the burn-out. Let us know if you are into the new hydrogen water craze, or if there are any other healthcare routines and regimens you know of that could help out your colleagues.

Keep up the hard work! I look forward to hearing all of your thoughts.