My career began as an interior designer, where I harbored a keen interest in the technical nuances of design. This intersection of creativity and technicality laid the foundation for my path in this industry. At the core of my design philosophy is problem-solving, a pursuit driven by a deep aspiration. I strive for my work to contribute positively to humanity, believing that such an impact justifies the essence of my professional and personal journey.

The landscape was different in my early years. Women faced significant disparities in terms of recognition and remuneration. However, witnessing and contributing to the evolution toward greater equality has been a source of pride. It reflects not just personal growth but a significant shift in our industry's ethos.

Female designers introduce a distinctive, feminine perspective to the table. This perspective isn't just an alternative viewpoint; it's a necessary complement. It brings a softer, more empathetic approach that naturally balances the traditionally masculine narrative in design, fostering harmony in our creations.

My role models are diverse, each admired for distinct reasons. I am inspired by women who retain their femininity in leadership, navigating their roles with grace and intuition. Intuition to me is not a mere gut feeling but a sophisticated synthesis of subtle cues, forming a powerful tool in decision-making—a tool where women often excel.

My advice is to build and cherish a supportive network. The journey is tremendously more manageable and fulfilling with a tribe of women who share and understand your struggles and triumphs. This network becomes invaluable, especially in balancing professional aspirations with personal commitments. Remember, solidarity in our shared experiences is a formidable force.

One of my most cherished projects involves developing smart building technology through a lens that prioritizes health, wellness, and connectivity. This project not only challenged conventional architectural norms but also offered enlightening insights into human interaction with our built environments. It's a testament to how a feminine perspective can lead to groundbreaking innovations in our field.

Building Enclosure Celebrates International Women's Day

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