Kingspan Insulated Panels North America announced it has launched its 3D viewer. This innovative tool will allow architects, general contractors and installers to virtually view construction details for Kingspan’s insulated metal wall panels (IMPs) from any angle, take apart and assemble panels, and choose from various colors to find the best combination for projects in real-time.

Through the 3D viewer, users have access to more than 60 construction details covering a variety of conditions, including framed openings, wall-to-roof transitions, inside and outside corners, parapets and more.

This represents a leap forward in construction technology, providing a streamlined and immersive experience for users to explore, analyze and integrate Kingspan products seamlessly into their projects.

When it comes to using IMPs in a construction project, there are a series of products and accessories that need to connect. Normally architects, contractors and installers view these construction details in 2D, making it difficult to understand the various components. This detailed viewer allows construction professionals to see the objects in 3D and better understand how the panels and accessories fit together.

These models can also be exported into PDF and IFC file formats that allows architects, designers and engineers to import the 3D construction details right into their own compatible design software. This saves them valuable time and streamlines efforts by allowing them to collaborate digitally.

Users have the ability to select any of Kingspan’s IMPs in a horizontal or vertical application. From there, users can change the product’s projection, view the product through solid, translucent and outline perspectives and use a clip plane tool to cut cross-sections and annotate with ease. Architects, contractors and installers can also add text markup and utilize the color mode to batch color products straight off the color chart.

The tool also comes with slide functions that show how the panels can assemble or be taken apart, giving architects, general contractors and installers a snapshot of the parts and accessories involved. A sequence slide also shows how the parts and accessories fit together.

“We as people perceive the world in 3D – we don’t see things on a flat page,” said Karim Muri, Vice President, Marketing Services and Strategy Developments, for Kingspan Insulated Metal Panels North America. “Kingspan’s 3D product viewer helps industry professionals understand how our products go onto a building, how they’re fastened, and how they fit together before they ever arrive on-site for a construction project.”

The 3D viewer is accessible via a web browser. This eliminates the need for specialized software, making product details readily available to both customers and installation teams.

To visit Kingspan’s 3D viewer, click here.

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